Does your horse exhibit:

  • Choppy strides
  • Loss of Impulsion
  • Resistance to lateral flexion and bending
  • Back soreness and hollowing
  • Not maintaining proper leads
  • Horse being ‘off and on’ for no reason

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to identify and release your horse’s pain points using Osteopathic-type movements and Acupressure Points.  We’ll also cover some Core Activating exercises for the horse to maintain strength, flexibility and balance.

      Lisa is a certified Equine Pain Release Points Practitioner and will show you this very effective and quick method for releasing energy blockages and painful areas on the horses.
      *Class limited to 6 horses - bring your own horse OR there are horses at the stable to work on - depending on availability of the host stable.  Auditors always welcome and also must pre-register!


Feb 23 - Paisley, ON (*SOLD OUT - Auditing still available)

March 23 - Port Colborne, ON (*SOLD OUT - Auditing Still available)

March 24 - Port Colborne, ON

April 13 - Goodwood, ON

June 8 - Paisley, ON

June 9 - Paisley, ON

For more information, Contact Lisa Wesson (226) 921-1778


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