Lisa is the first Certified Equine Pain Point Practitioner in Canada!

This is a very effective and quick method for releasing energy blockages and painful areas on the horse using Osteopathic and Acupressure applications.

Every move the horse makes produces stress upon a specific point. All muscles pull, so all skeletal motion is performed in this manner too.

Tight muscles can lead to spasms, knots, muscle misalignment and blocked energy. When this happens you can start to see:

  • Choppy strides
  • Loss of impulsion
  • Jump refusals
  • Back soreness and hollowing
  • Resistance to lateral flexion and bending
  • Girthing problems
  • Biting and other “bad behaviors”
  • The horse being off and on “for no reason”
  • Improper tracking forward, back, or laterally

 You may find that releasing your horse’s pain points:

  • Increases athletic performance and stamina
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Improves suppleness and responsiveness
  • Enhances mental and emotional well-being

Text, courtesy of Lorrie Bracaloni


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